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Posted on 14 December 2016

Faye and I are fortunate to do something we enjoy, and although the hours are long and often stressful, our lives are also full of happiness and love. We have a very fulfilling life, and for that I am very thankful.
Last night, after putting our beautiful daughter to bed, we turned on the news to be reminded again of the horrible things going on in the world; things out of our control. As I watched the report of parents grieving the loss of their children in yet another senseless act of violence, we decided we needed to do 'our bit'. So we donated directly.
But then we thought- can we do more? So we have decided to give 30% of our sales on our website ( - from now until Christmas Day) to help the people of Yemen, Syria and beyond. It won't cost anyone who purchases any more than usual - it just means that just under a third of your the amount you spend will go to the charity you select.
I know this will be viewed cynically by some, and I am still uncertain how this post will be received - but in the end we had a choice- do nothing, or do something. So we are doing something, and I hope it makes the smallest of difference for those less fortunate.
Regardless of your thoughts- please have a look at the charities to find out more about the good work they are doing.
UNHCR - @unrefugees | DEC - | Save the Children - @savethechildren
Thank you for reading this - personal message over - normal service resumed.
David, Faye and Team Chase and Wonder


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