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Life's a Beach Candle Set

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Life's a Beach Candle Set: The Seashore and The Tropical Paradise

For when you miss the sea, indulge in our luxurious set of two ceramic candles: The Seashore and The Tropical Paradise. Each candle, thoughtfully crafted and individually boxed, brings the soothing essence of the coast into your home.

The Seashore The Seashore Luxury Scented Candle evokes a salty breeze, crashing waves, coastal walks, and beautiful shells from faraway places. With aromas of sea salt, citrus, ocean botanicals, and cypress, it creates a refreshing and invigorating coastal ambiance. Hand decorated with real 22 Carat gold, it adds a touch of seaside elegance to any space.

The Tropical Paradise The Tropical Paradise Luxury Scented Candle transports you to sandy beaches, calming seas, and palm trees. With delightful aromas of bergamot orange, coconut, almond, and vanilla, this candle brings the relaxing vibe of a tropical paradise into your home. Hand decorated with real 22 Carat gold, it adds an exotic and luxurious touch.

Key Features:

  • Set of two 300g ceramic candles (individually boxed)
  • Approx. 90-hour burn time
  • Vegan-friendly soy wax
  • Reusable ceramic containers (84mm diameter, 89mm high)
  • Proudly made in Great Britain
  • Hand decorated with real 22 Carat gold

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Coastal Escape: Enjoy the refreshing and soothing scents of the sea, perfect for bringing a touch of the beach into your home.
  • Inspiration for Beach Lovers: The Seashore and The Tropical Paradise evoke coastal landscapes and tropical beaches, inspiring a connection with the ocean.
  • Relaxation at Home: Unwind with these luxurious fragrances, creating a serene and beach-like retreat in your own home.
  • Elegant Design: The beautifully designed ceramic containers, hand decorated with real gold, add a touch of coastal elegance to any space.

Transform your home with the natural beauty and calming scents of the Life's a Beach candle set. Perfect as a treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift, this set promises to add warmth, elegance, and tranquility to any home. Prepare to let your senses set sail.

Life's a Beach Candle Set
Life's a Beach Candle Set Sale price£ 92.00 GBP Regular price£ 116.00 GBP


Learn more about our British made Ceramic Candles

We spent many months developing our luxury scented candles, so that you'd have something that you'd treasure and keep forever.

Read more about them below.


We believe candles should be a joy to smell, and fill the room with elegant notes that are so evocative they transport you to a forgotten past, a cherished memory, on an adventure you are yet to take.

So we spent many months perfecting each one of our fragrances so that the final result would be sophisticated, memorable and contain many layers of aroma.

We wanted the fragrance to be as beautiful as the illustration adorning it (and vice versa).

Chase and Wonder's Luxury Candles are poured by hand


Our candles are not mass produced by factories and machines, they are hand poured in small batches by an expert team of British candle pourers in the traditional and (in our opinion) best way.

They are made with the finest quality eco soy & vegan friendly wax which are infused with our unique blend of essential oils and premium fragrances.

By making everything in small quantities, we can ensure that all aspects are of the highest quality and to our exacting standards.


Our fine china candle holders are made especially for us and are hand decorated by a small team of expert ceramicists who carefully and meticulously finish each one of them - including 22 carat gold detail (hand painted around the rim).

The team is based a few miles away from us; in the heart of the Potteries:- Stoke on Trent, and is run by a Father and Daughter team, David and Jenny (a family business like us). We love working with them because they care about their craft as much as we do.

Watch how they're made below.



Once the candle has melted, you will be left with a beautiful fine China container that you can use over and over again.

We launched refills for our single wick ceramic candles (300g) - so you can simply replace the wax with the same fragrance (or try a new one).

For the Three wick candles, the wax doesn't hold at the larger size, so instead we offer a repouring service twice a year - normally in March and August. You can find more about that by clicking HERE.

An ecological solution that's good for you, and for the planet.

The Flower Lady Ceramic Candle - Chase and Wonder - Proudly Made in Britain
The Library Ceramic Candle - Chase and Wonder - Proudly Made in Britain


Because the candles container are made from Fine China, you just CAN'T throw them away...

Instead, simply wash out any reminents of wax with hot, soapy water and you'll have a beautiful, hand made vessel that you could use to drink from, keep your pens tidy on your desk, use as a vase/plant pot, or store something useful.


Read why we believe Soy wax is the BEST wax to use in candle making, as well as some useful tips to get the most out of your candle.

All of our Candles are made using

Natural Soy Wax

The vegan friendly soy wax we use is from a sustainable source, and is cleaner burning than other waxes (such as paraffin/mineral wax) and contains no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means it's less likely to trigger allergies. We use lead free (cotton) wicks for the same reason.

Soy wax also melts slower than mineral/parafin wax (which is a crude-oil by product), which mean they typically last 30-50% longer than their mineral wax candle counterparts.

Soy wax releases scent easier than paraffin candles to give a richer fragrance throw and 'Pot Pourri' effect when not lit.

Top Tips on

How to care for your candle

The first time you light your candle, we'd advise you keep it lit for around 2 hours (and away from draughts), or untill the wax has pooled to the edge. This will prevent any subsequent tunneling.

Ideally you'd trim the candle's wick to around 3mm before you light it.

We'd also recommend burning your candle for 1-2 hours at a time.

Don't let it burn all the way to the bottom, and protect the surface the candle sits on.

Finally, please don't forget that Chase and Wonder candles are particularly social, and like to be given as gifts too.