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The Library Collection

Save £25 on this fine collection of The Library items -

The collection contains:

One 'The Library Ceramic candle (£52)
One 'The Library' box of matches (£7.80)
One 'The Library' Room Fragrance (£24)


Evoking mahogany shelves full of leather bound books and reading under the flicker of warming candlelight.

Aromas of rich wood, amber, pink pepper and pomegranate


SPECIFICATIONS - CERAMIC CANDLE (comes in luxe black box)
  • Luxury, hand poured scented Candle
  • Approx 90 hour burn time (50% longer than our glass candles)
  • 300g of vegan friendly soy wax..
  • 84mm diameter, 89mm high reusable ceramic container (perfect for pens, plants, and trinkets)
  • Proudly Made in Great Britain.



  • Size: Length 110 x Width 110mm
  • Aprox 125 matches
  • colour of tips may vary from photo
  • Please note, we are unable to ship our matches outside of the UK due to postal restrictions.


  • 100ml glass bottle of room fragrance, (alcohol free)
  • Spritz nozzle to diffuse fragrance into the air
  • Up to 1000 sprays
  • (please note you'll need to press the pump a few times to get the first spritz out!)