La Dolce Vita - our love letter to Italy

June 26, 2023

La Dolce Vita - With The Tuscan Sunset

Every design has a story, here is the Tuscan Sunsets...

My love affair with Italy started with a local Italian restaurant we frequented regularly throughout my childhood. 
We called it ‘Enzo’s’, after its owner, but its real name was ‘Toscana’ (Meaning Tuscany). Enzo was a real character, with thick black rimmed glasses, and an even thicker Italian accent. He wanted to bring Italian cuisine to the small northern town we grew up near, and was passionate about every dish he presented. He always gave a hugely warm welcome, and over time he became a good family friend. 
So when I first visited Italy in my early 20’s I was well versed in its food. However I wasn’t ready for how beautiful it was in reality, or indeed the depth of its culture. 
Medieval towns improbably peached across hills, full of stone architecture, narrow cobbled streets hiding secrets that can only be uncovered by your own sense of adventure. Vista’s overlooking the green valleys beneath; undulating hills full of vineyards and olive groves. The sun always seeming to shine, and my memories of every trip are only of joy. 
We spent our Honeymoon traveling the country, where we fell in love with it all over again. Dancing with the Venetians by the canals, exploring Florence, and then the most perfect week in Umbria, drinking Aperol Spritz, as the sun set over the hills.
We have since gone as a family, creating many happy new memories for us and our two young children. Warm welcomes, cold Gelato and swimming pools. What’s not to enjoy?
Images of our Italian adventures
The Tuscan Sunset is our love letter to Italy, our Honeymoon, our holidays, and our happy times. It is the most beautiful fragrance, and every time I smell it I smile, and I suspect you may too.

You only get out what you put into something, and we really put our hearts into this fragrance - I've yet to find someone who doesn't love it.
You can find it by clicking here:
Image of The Tuscan Sunset
The Tuscan Sunset: Evoking relaxing on a sunkissed terrace, overlooking rolling hills, picturesque villages, vineyards & olive groves. 

Aromas of Italian bergamot, lemon, jasmin, neroli & vetivert.

Available in ceramic candle, three wick candle, ceramic diffuser and refills.

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