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Luxury and Designer Candles

Bring home a bit of wonder with our luxury scented candles. Hand poured in Britain by expert chandlers, they’re made from natural soy wax and carefully picked essential oils to fill your home with deeply evocative fragrances.

What’s more, our luxury candles come in high end candle holders that last a lifetime and are intricately illustrated – to elevate your home and dispel the ordinary.

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Refill for The Library Ceramic CandleRefill for The Library Ceramic Candle
Refill for The Country Garden Ceramic CandleRefill for The Country Garden Ceramic Candle
Refill for The Flower Lady Ceramic CandleRefill for The Flower Lady Ceramic Candle
Refill for The Botanist Ceramic CandleRefill for The Botanist Ceramic Candle
Refill for The Enchanted Forest Ceramic CandleRefill for The Enchanted Forest Ceramic Candle
Refill for The Orangery Ceramic CandleRefill for The Orangery Ceramic Candle
Sold outRefill for The Tuscan Sunset Ceramic CandleRefill for The Tuscan Sunset Ceramic Candle
Refill for The Alpine Lodge Ceramic CandleRefill for The Alpine Lodge Ceramic Candle
Refill for The Autumn Rose Ceramic CandleRefill for The Autumn Rose Ceramic Candle
Save $27.00The Floral Ladies Candle DuoThe Floral Ladies Candle Duo
The Floral Ladies Candle Duo Sale price$163.00 Regular price$190.00
The Globe Trotter's Discovery Candle SetThe Globe Trotter's Discovery Candle Set
Sold outRefill Service for Three Wick Ceramic Candles
Save $27.00The Gardener's Candle DuoThe Gardener's Candle Duo
The Gardener's Candle Duo Sale price$163.00 Regular price$190.00
Save $25.00The Sunseeker's Candle DuoThe Sunseeker's Candle Duo
The Sunseeker's Candle Duo Sale price$168.00 Regular price$193.00
Refill for Rosa Ceramic CandleRefill for Rosa Ceramic Candle
Refill for Eden Ceramic CandleRefill for Eden Ceramic Candle
Save $27.00Life's a Beach Candle SetLife's a Beach Candle Set
Life's a Beach Candle Set Sale price$163.00 Regular price$190.00


Watch our short film to find out how our British made home fragrance is crafted.



At heart, we’re candlemakers who delight in bright, beautiful, evocative scents. That’s why we spend months perfecting our fragrances, searching for just the right combination of notes to stir the senses.

We also hand make our luxury scented candles here in Britain. Expert chandlers hand pour our blends of essential oils and premium fragrances with soy wax, making them the traditional way and in small batches to ensure a consistently high quality. Our ceramic candle holders are made and hand decorated by expert ceramicists in Stoke on Trent.

We use natural soy wax and lead-free wicks that don’t release toxins, have a long burn time, and offer a strong throw even when unlit.

And lastly, we design our luxury scented candles to look as good as they smell. The ceramic candle holders are decorated with our illustrations and painted with 22 carat gold – both of which combine to visually represent the essence of their fragrance.

Chase and Wonder luxury scented candles make for an indulgent treat, gorgeous decorative feature, or a memorable gift.

Chase and Wonder's Luxury Candles are poured by hand


Our luxury candles are made to be evocative – so that in their flicker and glow, they transport you to places of nostalgia, wonder and serenity. However, we know it can be difficult for you to pick and choose the right scent for you while shopping online. That’s why we’ve organised our range of home fragrances by fragrance type.

We have fragrances inspired by florals and garden scents for those who love the outdoors, and we have fragrances with notes of citrus that are zingy and uplifting. Our fresh / ozonic fragrances brim with notes of the seashore and beaches, and we also carry woods & spice fragrances that contain woody notes.

And if you’re still not sure about which one to pick, then perhaps try our fragrance pack. It contains 16 cards, each one carrying one of our scents for you to sample before choosing the best one for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Luxury Scented Candles